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Doudou (Sweetheart) Rectangle Earrings::  To you all men out there: this is the gift to buy for your doudou!  Like all the earrings of the Madras collection, Doudou will either take you back in time to the French Antilles of the 17th century, or to our contemporary and colorful Carnaval.


Like most Bwa Brilé earrings, Doudou is handmade from light weight birchwood. They feature madras or other colorful fabrics. Also note that this makes them very unique and one pair may vary from the other one.


Length: 7.5 cm (2.95 inches) / Width: 2 cm (0.78 inches)

Doudou (Sweetheart) Rectangle Earrings:

  • Bwa Brilé products are Made to Order, which means we have a 5 to 10 days turnaround time.

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