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What is Bwa Brilé?
Pronounce [bwah breele].

Colorful and shapely earrings are a tradition in my home country of Martinique in the French Antilles–you simply don’t leave home without them!

I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for in that style when I moved to Florida eight years ago, so I started making my own. I’ve been amazed at how many people from all walks of life compliment me on my earrings – people I don’t even know who pass by me in a coffee shop or a hotel lobby.

I make my Bwa Brilé earrings mostly with wood, because I have been attracted to this material for a long time, and involved in working with it making lamps and frames back in Martinique. The name Bwa Brilé itself reflects this attraction: it means “burnt wood” in our Creole language, it's the name of a very famous Martinican song from Eugène Mona, and it symbolizes beauty, strength and resilience. I hope you will like wearing my earrings as much as I enjoy making them!

How did you create it?

Where does the name Bwa Brilé come from?

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